We can offer PC builds for business and home consumers.  From budget builds to high performance workstations and everything in between, MB\ITS has your needs covered. 

We can provide the following services:


Whether you need a base business machine for just internet access and office application use, or a powerful workstation for graphic-intensive tasks, we can build a PC that performs better and costs less than buying direct from manufacturer.



We can build budget gaming machines to high performance rigs with the latest CPU, GPU and RAM to maximize your resolution and frame rates.



We can evaluate your existing hardware and specify suitable upgrades to improve performance. These could range from CPU, GPU and RAM replacements or as simple as adding a solid state hard drive, we will evaluate your machine to offer you the best options



Already have a PC but want it checked over or overclocked? We can examine and determine what can be done. We can test and overclock your CPU, GPU and RAM to boost performance either allowing higher frame-rates or possibly increasing the resolution. We can also upgrade the cooling in your machine to allow the system to run cooler and more stable even if the performance has been increased!