Technical Services

IT support for any size of business

  • Need help setting up your office network?

  • Need assistance knowing what equipment your business really needs?

  • Want an overview of your current systems and what can be done to improve them?


MB\ITS can modernise and improve IT systems for any size of business.

Audio/Visual Systems

Installation and configuration of A/V equipment

  • Have a new smart TV that isn't acting so smart?

  • Want advice on TV installation, placement and calibration?

  • Need assistance setting up your home cinema?

MB\ITS can help you find the perfect solution.

PC Building

Upgrades and bespoke PC builds

  • Need a better cooling system?

  • Want a new graphics card installed?


MB\ITS offer a range of tailored solutions from PC tuning, overclocking and upgrades, to bespoke PC builds. We build everything from business PCs to high-spec, high-performance gaming rigs . Start with an idea and we can create the perfect PC for you.